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However, few modern PMCs fit that definition and, indeed, spokesmen for such companies insist they rarely engage in combat and provide military skills only to legitimate, internationally recognized governments. The ICIJ investigation found that a wide range of companies — from large corporations that offer military training, security, landmine clearance and military base construction to start-up entrepreneurs offering combat services and tactical training — are in what has become the complex and multibillion-dollar business of war.

Since , the U. Defense Department has entered into 3, contracts with 12 of the 24 U. Because of the limited information the Pentagon provides and the breadth of services offered by some of the larger companies, it was impossible to determine what percentage of these contracts was for training, security or logistical services.

Preparation of β-CD-DPPE-Dox Nanomedicine and Its’ Application as the Anticancer and Antitumor Drug

Traditionally, the U. The Saudi deal is considered the first time a U. Since then, the contract has been renewed with far less attention. Vinnell refused to comment on the contracts. The U. Defense Department has increasingly turned to outside vendors for logistical support, one of the most heavily out-sourced sectors for the armed forces in both peacekeeping and wartime. In Bosnia, for example, the ratio of contractors to American soldiers has ranged from one in 10 to nearly one-to-one, according to various defense analysts.

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The trend gained momentum after the Gulf War, in which troops were heavily supported by a panoply of private contractors. Frank Carlucci, who served as defense secretary in the waning years of the Reagan administration, was chairman of BDM when it acquired Vinnell; he is still chairman of the Carlyle Group, a merchant banking firm that owns BDM and counts a plethora of former government officials, including former President George H.

Beneficial effect of compound essential oil inhalation on central fatigue

Bush, his secretary of state, James Baker, and his director of the Office of Management and Budget, Richard Darman, as consultants, advisors, and executives. The strong links between the U. Wall Street has noticed the booming business of both foreign and domestic PMCs. Security companies with publicly traded stocks reportedly increased in value at twice the rate of the Dow Jones industrial average in the go-go s. The stock of guard providers Wackenhut Corp. The company specializes in security products and services with myriad subsidiaries involved in everything from bulletproof vests and fingerprinting powder to computer security systems and landmine reduction services.

Like the defense industry generally, the trend among PMCs has been toward mergers, acquisitions, and consolidation. As the industry continues its rapid growth, foreign governments are trying to figure out how — or if — to regulate it, thereby deterring PMCs from becoming vehicles for clandestine foreign policy, arms trafficking, or simply waste and mismanagement. The United States and South Africa are the only countries that exercise some regulatory oversight of domestic PMCs; other governments have acknowledged the need for the services PMCs offer, but have yet to develop a structure to oversee them.

MPRI — headquartered in an office suite that looks more like a Fortune company than a military command center — is located in northern Virginia, home to the Pentagon and the galaxy of defense-related companies that orbit it. President Carl Vuono served as army chief of staff from to and oversaw the U. Army Europe. MPRI was founded in as a military training consultancy by three generals who found themselves retired years earlier than they expected.

It turned out to be a mixed blessing for the company. In August , less than a year after MPRI moved in, the Croatian army launched a lightning offensive that recaptured Serb-held enclaves of Croatia — a battlefield success the Croats had been unable to achieve in the previous four years. The Croat offensive led to further military action by the neighboring Bosnians against Serb-held positions that ultimately resulted in peace talks ending the Yugoslav war. A report by a U. News reports attributed the suspension to concerns that weapons from the program were being diverted to Muslim guerrillas in the neighboring Serbian provinces of Kosovo and Sandzak.

In addition, a number of British companies have moved to expand operations and set up shop in the United States. The company is currently training the Jamaican police and in the past has trained the presidential guard in Nigeria, the royal police in Malaysia and the special forces of the United Arab Emirates. Even smaller outfits are going global, establishing offices and training centers in multiple countries or boasting of the ability to send mobile training teams anywhere in the world.

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  • JuYudong Y, Lishanshan, et al. The beneficial effect and application of aromatic plant.

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    Modern Agric Sci. Lis-Balchin M. J R Soc Health. The olfactory bulb: coding and processing of odor molecule information.

    International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

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    Pharmacology Clinics Chinese Materia Medica. Effect of extracts from Rhodiola rosea and Rhodiola crenulata Crassulaceae roots on ATP content in mitochondria of skeletal muscles.