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Available on iTunes, Prime Video. Around the Next Bend follows two young adventurers as they travel halfway around the world to embark on a 2, km rafting expedition down the mystic Ganges River in India.

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Far away from the comforts of western civilization they must quickly learn a new set of survival skills. They discover the vast and beautiful country of India through its rich culture and heritage.

Around The Next Bend (North Georgia Days Book 24)

Starring Adrian Traquair. The Ganges River is considered one of the holiest rivers in the world. At km long draws from the Western Himalaya's in Northern India, flowing southeast to Bangladesh where it drains into the Indian Ocean. The river is home to millions of people, whose religions, traditions, and way of life have been shaped from centuries of living along its banks.

The Yamuna is the largest tributary river of the Ganges in Northern India. Unfortunately the Yamuna is also one of the most polluted rivers in the world. I landed in Rome, Italy at the age of sixty, not knowing a soul and unable to understand or speak more than basic Italian. From that wonderful, fascinating, sometimes hilarious, sometimes stressful three-month stay came a long love affair with Italy and all things Italian.

Around the Next Bend

I also developed a desire to travel to other places and to learn more about the world outside Australia. It isn't always easy, travelling solo, especially as a woman, but I managed, and still do.

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As you will read, in between trips outside Australia, I lived my ordinary life, with the joys and sorrows that befall us all. I am privileged to live in such a wonderful and varied country and throughout my life, I have managed to travel to many corners of it, and all places in between.

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This was not the trip they had in mind. This was not the romantic adventure they had saved all that money for. But instead of going back to Delhi they went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up cold and hungry. Wild dogs ran away with our last bit of peanut brittle. Fog rose from the garbage filled water. It felt surreal.

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As the mist cleared we heard the sound of a large animal crossing the water. It turned out to be four men on a cart being pulled by a water buffalo. Our original wariness of strangers quickly evaporated.

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These men had come to offer us chai and bread and we thankfully accepted. We played charades and conveyed our plan to row down the river.

They seemed somewhat impressed with the bright blue boat sticking out of the grey and brown surroundings. This was the first morning, this was not the last time our stove failed, nor was it the last time we were saved by the hospitality and generosity of the locals around us.