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Perhaps Sara had hurtful words said to her that caused her to withdraw, pull back and become a loner.

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Be a healer with your words. Proverbs Proverbs Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. We must accept and work with what God has given us. Look what one girl came to realize after struggling with being too short. Gladys explained that when she was young she had two great sorrows.

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One was that, while all her friends had beautiful golden hair, hers was black. The other was that, while her friends were still growing, she had stopped. She was about four feet ten inches tall. But when she moved to Shanghai, China, she immediately noticed something about the people.

And every one of them had stopped growing when I did. Gladys accepted what God was doing in her life. Learn to have the total confidence that God knows what He is doing with you in your life—that you are called for a great purpose! So how could the tragic story at the beginning of the article have had a different ending?

Be careful what you tattoo on your mind and others. Remember, you are a special gift from God. Be a healer. Reach out to others. Accept what God is doing in your life. If you feel like taking your life, or know someone who feels that way, get help! Talk to a minister or a trusted friend. But talk to someone. Never take it lightly when someone says that he or she wants to die. And certainly pour out your heart to God about it and ask Him to encourage you.

Janet Treadway was born in Washington, D. She was baptized at the age of 19 in Skip to main content.

And when it came to nodding his first-ever bronc out the gate at an amateur rodeo, Nielsen just missed his markout, but managed to make his eight-second ride. He is literal walking, talking proof of it. You can still be the very best you you can be. Just one percent. Sort of like how Sozo found the strength to pick himself up off his haunches instead of toppling over backward, Nielsen launched into his therapies, applying his belief about hard work to his desire to walk and, really, to ride again.

Lying in bed, I would picture in my mind trying to ride a bucking horse, and I would try to move my muscles to make a spurring motion. Nielsen imagined spurring in rhythm with a horse, and his brother saw the movement again.

Despite not yet regaining any feeling in his legs, the occasion marked a shift to eight hours of daily therapy and a focus on more mental prep. I truly believe that our mental capacity is 90 percent of it.

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Shortly after, Nielsen began to recover a sense of sensation in his legs and, by the start of November, just eight weeks after his paralysis, he took his first independent step, free of leg supports or walkers or hands holding him up by his belt. And, despite having pursued a career with the non-negotiable promise of getting mercilessly thrown in the dirt from time-to-time, Nielsen, poised to move one foot ahead of the other, was forced to confront a fear of falling. Once you do that, there are a lot of opportunities that will come.

Fast forward about a year, and the clock was running out on Nielsen was looking a hard truth in the face. Denver, Colorado: Braxten Nielsen will be riding … bound and determined. The disappointment was palpable, catching in his throat and welling up in his eyes. For as many successes—both grand and small—as Nielsen has earned since Aug. And while Nielsen imagined Denver as the pinnacle of his recovery, he knew there were lots of steps in between, and lots of hard work ahead.

He needed to get in the saddle. He needed to get roping.

End of an Era

And I really, same deal, anything I do, I want to be the best. Rhen really helped me with how to throw a loop and with my horsemanship. MJ: Have any of the women become entrepreneurs following your programme?


SS: One of the women who went through the cohort has her own business in Alexandra, in Johannesburg. She started off in a chef-learnership. We had a partnership with Sun International, which gave her the work experience. She now owns a catering business. MJ: You said in a radio interview that lack of knowledge was a reason why people could not find jobs. Do you have any advice on empowering oneself to gain knowledge. SS: People underestimate what they can do with a smart phone.

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It can open so much to you. You can get qualified by doing free online courses. It can be an education game changer if you use your smart phone in a way that it is not just for Facebook and Twitter. MJ: Do you only work in Gauteng? SS: Our last intake in Gauteng was in We found that there were a lot of organisations running programmes like this here in Gauteng.

We have expanded to Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal and our workshops there focus on mentorship. Two of our members are based in KwaZulu-Natal. We also have people in Limpopo who mobilise people with whom we can work. Why do you think that every South African should play their role in society to make the country a better place? SS: We cannot rely on the government alone to make a change. We have to be responsible citizens. This is our home and our future is here.

SS: The little we have done has been life changing.