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Sometimes voters may inadvertently touch a section of the screen that does not reflect the voter's choice. For voting machines that use a wheel to navigate to the ballot, voters are encouraged to carefully maneuver the wheel to make appropriate selections. All major political parties provide lists of election judges to the election official.

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The election official, then, utilizes these lists to assign bi-partisan teams of election judges to designated polling locations. Many polling places will have poll watchers assigned to observe the voting process.


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Poll watchers are certified by political parties, unaffiliated candidates, and proponents and opponents of ballot questions. Poll watchers may observe the election process from before the polls open until after the election results are posted. However, poll watchers are not allowed to see how an individual votes.

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Performing rights societies. About Secretary Griswold. Contact us. If I want to vote in-person what should I do with my mail ballot? Do I need identification if I vote in person? If you show ID that has an address on it, the address must be in Colorado but it does not have to match your voter registration Q4. Can I get time off from my job to vote? How can I find my polling location? How do provisional ballots work?

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Your options are two-fold. Although Tuesday was chosen as a matter of convenience, voting on that day is now more commonly seen as a hindrance. Less than 2 percent of Americans today are employed in agriculture, and many people work on Tuesdays throughout the year. As voter turnout rates declined over time, some people proposed that elections be moved to the weekend. Others suggested keeping election day on Tuesday but making it a federal holiday. While those particular efforts have not been successful, increased opportunities to vote early and by mail have had the effect of making election day less central to the voting experience than it once was.

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Primaries and Caucuses From the Iowa caucuses to Election Day, here is a look at which states vote when, and where the largest troves of delegates are at stake. February Dem. Because these are the first votes cast, there is a lot at stake in terms of momentum and attention from donors and the news media.

The results here will winnow the field. Don't be surprised if only a few candidates are still standing after the votes are counted here. Another key early state with a high-turnout caucus, and the first one with a significant Hispanic population. Super Tuesday accounts for about 40 percent of total delegate allocation. Because it has the largest delegate trove in the country, California is key to Super Tuesday.


If the race is not decided on Super Tuesday, this could be a line of demarcation. If one candidate sweeps Arizona, Florida and Illinois, there will be immense pressure on the other candidates to exit the race. This may be last big delegate day of the race. If one candidate dominates every state this late in the primary, party leaders will likely move to get behind that person and seek to bring the race to an end.

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Democratic officials chose Milwaukee as the site of the party's nominating convention, placing a spotlight on a key Midwestern battleground state. Canceled Delegates. Some states' Republican parties have canceled presidential primaries , saying the practice is not unusual when an incumbent is running for re-election.