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We pass tranquil hours driving around in his Toyota. To Naperville and back again. Several hours, quiet conversations interrupted by comfortable, intimate silence. We tell each other things from our lives, from our souls. Our words will remain in the silence that filled the car. A man stands at the intersection in front of the Water Tower.

The same to the girl crouching on the other side of the street, curled into herself. The city ebbs and flows around her, and no one tosses cigarettes onto the sidewalk. I sign books.

Stay safe. I talk. Answer questions.

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Word has gotten out that the author from Europe likes to drink during her performance. Once again, I blame it on jetlag. What does the Naperville crowd of only 35 people know about Germany? What do they like?

The delicious cuisine. What about France? We talk about second chances, character development, landscapes of the soul.

  2. Emotion (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)!

Reading my books, they tell me, is like being there in person. Like tasting the food, smelling the aromas. Mary Ann quietly thanks me. This is what matters. She means the place, the women selling the books.

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Browsing the shelves. I sign a pillar. Not the one that George W. Bush immortalized. As did Each president gets a number. So that no one forgets. He despised Bush.

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Aurora comes up to me and brings me full circle with Rachel Hildebrandt. Thanks to the German editor, Magnus, who once invited me to write a story about a Syrian heart surgeon from Aleppo and his escape to Werne, Germany.

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  • Macarons are served later on. I get to pick out another book, and the doorman at the Drake greets me by my first name. Welcome back! He hugs me. I hug him back with all my might, as I always do. He falls in love. I do not. Europe slaps Google with a record-breaking fine. Google is the biggest employer in Chicago. Because it mocks him.

    A game of Frisbee on the beach. And rugby as well. Police officers patrol on quad bikes.

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    • A boy is playing the banjo. The Good Humor Man pulls his cart across the sand, bell ringing. No smoking on the beach. Fifteen bucks for a foot massage. My alarm plays La Mer. The reading is over. Take a shower. The morning sun warms me. Just a moment, please. Let me take a breath just for a moment. Addendum: How are you? Motown music at the airport. Security is relaxed. The temperature climbs every half hour. The air is damp and thick.

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      Later, on the plane, the air conditioning will spray a mist of condensation. Disco fog. Smoke on the water. Like always, soldiers on active duty get to board before everyone else. The streets, too bright under the burning sun, are empty. Anyone who gets the chance, ducks into the icy indoors. Many people leave their engines running in their parked cars. Air conditioners run at full blast—the one in the hotel hisses like the Orient Express, simulates a stiff breeze. I love it. Henning from Berlin meets me for a frozen yogurt. The audience will love it and envy the way we European authors retain control over our work—even beyond the grave.

      Smile with Clay They sell frozen yogurt by weight. Not my weight but that of the toppings. Some drivers here stop next to beggars at intersections and hand them ice-cold bottles of water through their car windows. Nobody here likes Trump. I receive catcalls for the first time on this tour. The first one comes after my interview for the Kirkus Review podcast, which takes place in a tidy little house. Clay looks like Hugh Grant.

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