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Initially the old mule was hysterical! But as the farmer and his neighbors continued shoveling and the dirt hit his back, a thought struck him.

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It suddenly dawned on him that every time a shovel load of dirt landed on his back, he would shake it off and step up! Ultimately I feel you do not understand the poor and therefore should not publish such articles. By doing so you are contributing to the problem not the solution.

Some excellent points here. My husband and I often talk about designing just such a course. Other aspects of parenting as well. I do think it oversimplifies the sociological problems and societal advantages of the wealthy vs. Number 13 has wealthy twice, but I got the error.

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Teachers could actually be less burdened with less testing and more classes like this. To God be the glory. I really enjoyed your article. I am an American African divorced mother of 4 sons and one daughter.

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I believe most of your statements to be pretty accurate. While I do believe racism exist I do not believe it is the cause of widespread poverty in many communities here in America. My sons are 21, 19, 14, 13 and my daughter, I refuse to let them have a victims mentality.

Karen, I applaud your attitude! One of the most important things a parent can teach is personal responsibility. We all make mistakes in life, but if we accept the consequences and determine that we will do better, we can overcome a great deal. Your children are blessed to have a mother like you. A strong family is the best antidote to poverty, in my opinion. Though I have a concern. I just believe that kids learn will learn more and will enjoy learning when you show them how, when they see and observe their parents do it and other people doing it going to an environment where people do the things above as their habits.

Showing them the habits, talking to them, reading with them, guiding them would be more appropriate actions than just forcing them to learn. As well as mostly every bad habit…. Roi, with honest respect, I would like to comment that most of us are wasting our precious children. They need to learn respect for those who are able to teach them, and that includes parents. Such precious young lives! True, but millions of years of evolution has taught people to judge situation, by their life experiences, so I would say YES..

I would love if you could send me some of your data. I have each of these habits and I am what we call upper middle class. I honestly believe rich and poor has nearly nothing to do with habits and the habits you describe are simply cultural behaviors. If you email me at tom richhabits. First, the research included nearly a of wealthy families compared in those living in poverty. People do have options when it comes to what they listen to during their commute that also are go choices: during my commute, I can listen to the music, NPR, sports radio, religious news and faith-based broadcast, and political radio.

Not once on this page did it mention that you were a parent yourself. You also did not mention the difference between wealth and income, which both lead to the economic disparity in this country. In America, we need to start by redistributing our values and establishing a moral and ethical foundation for our children. Then, we can add to that by committing time and effort to creating opportunities that have allowed others to gain the success that they have today.

I learned that from Paul Tutor Jones—a wealthy hedge fund manager. Not only requiring children to do these things, but doing them as a parent and being an example of those habits is also important. Role modeling is a big part of it, which is a most critical part of the relationship building: the one you have with your parents.

As long as kids focus on living a well-rounded life, seeking to be enriched by knowledge and having an active mind, body, and spirit, wealth is sure to follow. Wealth in and of itself is not a means to an end, but the result of living a good life and having common sense.

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  7. Success is not once you have the money in your hands, but the lifestyle of self-improvement. Ben Franklin was right that health is wealth. I found your comments to be very informative. I was puzzled by number Meaning poor not the wealthy? Wondering if there is any correlation between rich vs poor children and whether these children still live together with their biological parents who are still happily married to each other or not? Thanks for the insights from Mr. Listening their parents when they are being taught of values or good attitudes.

    It would also be better if parents will also be given tips or strategies on how to deal with these kind of chilren. You need a little enlightenment and you also need to check your privledge.

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    Instead, we are putting the weight on our shoulders to learn how to engage our children in these habits, inspire them to want to maintain these habits themselves, and define these habits for them so they understand what is going on. So instead of of requiring our kids to have minute of daily aerobic activity we looked for ways to engage them in such activities, talked with them about why it is important, explained the goal, then let them contribute on a plan of action.

    Good stuff… we need to teach and have young people practice this in Atlanta. I will definitely apply this learning to my daily life and teach rich habits to my children in the future. Ugh, this list is horrible. What does the very valid point of taxation and wealth redistribution have anything to do with teaching children about managing their own finances? So many bogus stats and fluff that mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    Flossing your teeth isnt going to make you wealthy. What you SHOULD be focusing on instead of garbage lists: how about teaching people to manage their debt vs income ratio? I think the point is that many who have more money have healthier habits.

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    Flossing your teeth will keep you from spending tons of money on costly dental procedures bc of poor dental hygene. My parents were not wealthy. Neither finished college, however they taught me many of these habits and I worked very hard from the age of 15 to save my money and make smart choices. I made good grades and went to college. The first to graduate on either side of my immediate family. I married later and had children later and have been able to stay home with them bc of the decisions my husband and I made along the way.

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    If parents refuse to educate themselves and learn from others, the cycle will not end. Many congratulations on getting all those good habits to enable you to make the choices you have been able to make in life. However, I feel it should be noticed that many not all are in a situation where they have to borrow just to cover their everyday living expenses….

    Live on less than you make. Be intentional.