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Kramer has Titleist golf balls in the trunk of his car, and goes to the beach to hit them into the ocean. Later, George has to prove he's a marine biologist by saving a beached whale. Aired: Feb 9, Season: 6 Elaine agrees to pose as a gay friend-of-a-friend's girlfriend, but immediately develops a crush on him and tries to get him to "change teams.

Jerry meets Sgt. Cathy Tierney, a police officer who doesn't believe him when he claims not to watch Melrose Place. Kramer begins posing in police line-ups. Jerry is pissed when Puddy, whom Elaine has just started dating, uses his "move" on her. George persuades Jerry to tell him how to do the move, but needs crib notes to remember the steps. Kramer picks up Estelle from her eye job and unwittingly uses Frank's move — "he stopped short!

Kramer starts making sculptures out of pasta, and uses fusilli to build a miniature statue of Jerry. Aired: Oct 3, Season: 8 Elaine decides that she and Kevin her boyfriend from the previous episode, "The Soul Mate," who got a vasectomy and then had it reversed should just be friends. Jerry suggests that Kevin is the "Bizarro Jerry. George takes Kramer to an office that has "the best bathroom in midtown," and Kramer starts going in every day, despite not having a job there.

Elaine sets Jerry up with her attractive friend Gillian, but Jerry can't see past her "man hands. Aired: Nov 7, Season: 8 Elaine dates the pretentious Brett, who is excessively proud of working for furniture designer Karl Farbman and who gets lost in apparent reverie whenever "Desperado" plays. She suggests "Witchy Woman" should be their song, but he refuses.

Stopping Short: 10 ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes You Forgot You Loved

Brett gives Kramer an oversized chest of drawers designed by Farbman, and he uses it as a capsule hotel for three Japanese tourists he's taken in as guests. Jerry gets carpal tunnel syndrome from signing hundreds of cent checks he's receiving as royalty payments for a one second clip of him in the opening credits of Japanese comedy show "Super Terrific Happy Hour. The committee pass one vote saying that they are satisfied, and another against mob violence and destruction of private property; and they accept the plea of the high sheriff that in delivering the powder he had only followed instructions.

On mr. Assuring them however, that in case the mind of the whole province collected in congress or otherwise appeared for his resignation, he would by no means act in opposition to it. This seemed satisfactory to the committee, and they were preparing to deliver it to the body, when commissioner Hallowell came through the town on his way to Boston.

The sight of that obnoxious person so inflamed the people that in a few minutes above horsemen were drawn up and proceeding in pursuit of him on the full gallop. Gardner of Cambridge first began a parley with one of the foremost, which caused them to halt till he delivered his mind very fully in dissuasion of the pursuit. The alarm spreads from Boston to Charlestown and thence to Cambridge; a Dr. The intelligence was instantly diffused, and the people whose arms were nearest sent persons to bring them, while horsemen were dispatched both ways to gain more certain advice of the true state of the soldiery.

A greater fervour and Resolution probably never appeared among any troops. The dispatches soon returning, and assuring the body that soldiers still remained, and were likely to remain in their camp, they resumed their business with spirit, and resolved to leave no unconstitutional officer within their reach in possession of his place. On this the committee assembled again, and drew up a paper of which the following is a copy, and at the head of the body delivered it to Lieut. Governor Oliver to sign, with which he complied, after obtaining their consent to add the latter clause implying the force by which he was compelled to do it.

The Gentlemen from Boston, Charlestown and Cambridge having provided some refreshment for their greatly fatigued brethren, they chearfully accepted it, took leave and departed in high good humour and well satisfied. He does not expressly say that he told the General that he was returning for this purpose.

He did return, and he told the people that no troops had been, or would be, ordered. Gov r , under Arrest [italics mine], when he came to him from the Mob. Gov r , never let him know that they had made him promise to return to them. Why should Oliver have concealed his promise? And why, if he had mentioned it, should Gage have laid him under arrest? There was nothing irregular or disloyal in his making the promise; indeed, his mission would have been futile if he had not returned to satisfy the patriots.

This of course, is guesswork; but whatever the situation, he was in evil case. He was, naturally, between two fires. He had signed the humiliating document, and even so he had barely satisfied the patriots. He now had to explain himself to the Crown.

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Hutchinson, who was his friend, and who, as we have seen, had brought about his appointment, wrote him on November I should not treat you as a friend if I represented the manner in which people express themselves upon the subject of your resignation, different from the whole truth. In general it is said, a man is excusable who, when he is in the hands of people, and threatened with death, submits to the terms imposed upon him.

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Others say that unless our mobs differ from those in England, no man is in danger of his life in open day. It is impossible for people here to know all the circumstances of y e case. A succession of other great and important events, some come and others coming, will probably put an end to further speculation, and I fancy the Answer you have already received will be all you will receive. I thought it best to take no notice of your motion for an express order from the King, because, if circumstances so alter as to make it advisable to re-assume your seat, you may do it without such an order, as well as with; and if they should not so alter, it will be best you should not have the order.

Hutchinson writes as though he had not read the Narrative; probably it had not reached England. It would have cleared up some of the doubts to which he refers. He therefore could not tell Gage about it; there is no sign that he was faced with it until his return to Cambridge on the critical day. He flatly denies, what the Gazette asserts, that the matter had been mentioned before his mission; and in no other instance has his word been doubted. He had moved to Boston September 12, There is, indeed, no doubt that he remained Lieutenant Governor.

This puzzle is increased by a document presently to be quoted, in which Oliver is made to say that when he reached Boston he had re -assumed his office, and that he remained in the exercise of the office of Lieutenant Governor, etc.

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  • On the face of it, the only office he could re -assume was his post on the Council. But this surely cannot be supposed. Not only would it have been out of his character to go back on his word; but any such action would have led to a tempest of abuse, not undeservedly, from the patriots; and of this we could not fail to have a record. I suggest that the re-assumption was simply that of his Lieutenant Governorship, which, though technically never abandoned, had been, de facto , interrupted by the crisis.

    In Boston, at any rate, he could function. There is a glimpse of him there a month before his departure for England. The document above referred to throws some light on the whole story as he recalled it ten years after the event. Like the rest, Oliver, as will be explained below, had sent in a memorial; and on October 12, , he appeared in person to give evidence upon oath and to answer questions.

    We have the careful transcript, in summary, of his depositions.

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    Much of the sworn evidence repeats what we already know. The following extract explains itself. The nature of the questions from the bench can be gathered from the answers here noted by Coke. This made him more unpopular than the office of Lieu t Gov r. He could not hold the office without being President of the Man s Council.

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    He had no Emolument as a Man s Councillor. As soon as he got into Boston under the protection of the Kings Troops he reassumed his Office. He really thought that his Life was in danger if he had resisted. They never asked him to take an Oath to the Rebel State. Produces no Certificates to Loyalty. During this Rebellion he has held no military Commission and has never borne Arms. He considers his Office as a Civil Employment. In March, , when the British evacuated, Thomas Oliver left Boston for Halifax, and in the following month sailed for England with the fleet.

    On June 7, he notes that the Lieutenant Governor, with Col. On July 21, he records:. Lieutenant Gov. It seems, as I had it from M r Knox, that when Gen.

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    Gage was superceded sic in the command of the army, he [Gage] was promised, the whole of his salary as Governor should be continued; otherwise I should have thought the L t Gov. This prophecy is not very clear; it will presently appear how Oliver fared in the matter of compensation. He had, of course, lost everything in Cambridge.

    His estate there was confiscated. The later fortunes of Elmwood are well known in Cambridge. He lived a while in London, doubtless watching for his chances of reparation from the Crown. In July, , he writes to David Phips, his fellow-sufferer:. I found Mrs. Oliver well, and settled in a snug little house in Brompton. But I shall continue here no longer than I am able to find an economical retreat. I have not had time to look about me yet; some cheaper part of England must be the object of my inquiry.

    Later in the year he had lodgings in Jermyn Street. The news from overseas during the next years could not have been unexpected. It is not known when Oliver settled in Bristol, or when the first Mrs. Oliver died.

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