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When we demonize anxiety, we tend to increase our anxiety; this is because we are resisting what we are experiencing and labeling it as bad. Try to change your perspective. Understand that everything in life can be a teacher if we let it. Anxiety may just be your greatest teacher in life, helping you to develop self-awareness , mindfulness, compassion, and ultimately the ability to surrender to that which is beyond your control.

The Need to Be Right

So many people out there share your struggles. Relaxing in solitude is so important for our mental health. Our thoughts tend to go a bit wild when we have no time to sit down and breathe. Make sure you spend time alone. There are so many amazing relaxation techniques out there. Whether it be EFT emotional freedom technique , PMR progressive muscle relaxation , meditation, yoga, or something else, ensure you do it daily. Pour out your feelings and regrets in a private journal. Let writing and expressing your innermost thoughts be a balm for your soul. When a relationship ends we tend to obsessively dwell on the past and all that we did wrong.

Be kind to yourself and realize that you did the very best you could with the knowledge and maturity you had at the time. Allow yourself to feel royally pissed! Give yourself space to rage and vent.

“I started throwing things out with gusto, you know, like with real passion.”

You will forgive when you feel ready to forgive , and not a moment before. So let go of the guilt and honor how you feel right now. If you are not comfortable with something or someone, respect yourself by creating boundaries. Be firm but kind. Preserve your energy and only use it on those you feel comfortable having around. When relationships end we are often filled with intense regrets. While this is normal to experience, realize that the past is the past: it is gone completely. Pining over what could have been or what you could have done differently only creates more suffering.

Acknowledge these regretful thoughts, but try to consciously release them. If you must, create a mantra that will help you live in the present such as I live here, now. Every experience in life holds a secret and sacred gift, even the most heartbreaking circumstances. Explore what this person has taught you willingly or unwillingly. Often times we find letting go impossible because we are still confused about what happened.

In order to help you find peace, think about why your relationship crumbled. Try to avoid blaming yourself or the other person: stick to the facts as much as you can. For instance, you might discover that your relationship burned out quickly because neither of you learned how to love yourselves , or perhaps the central issue was being too busy or distracted. The monkey mind the ego hates being wrong and is addicted to feeling right.

40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain

One way we stay locked in the past is by trying to desperately prove that we are the victim, and the other is the perpetrator. In order to get past this, realize that what was done was done. There is nothing that can be done about it now.

Pamungkas - I Love You But I'm Letting Go

The healthiest thing for you is to move on and practice letting go. In order to let go, remember the good as well as the bad.

Our minds have a habit of seeing the past through rose-tinted glasses, conveniently blocking out whatever caused us suffering. Notice this mental trick and realize that happiness cannot ever be found in the past, only the present moment. No matter how hard you try, how much you dream or plan, you cannot change anyone. You cannot make anyone nicer or healthier or a better person. Sometimes, we continue to cling to hope because were convinced that we can change our partners, friends or family members.

But believing that you can change someone is false hope. Another person can only change if they first decide to change. And this decision has to authentically and sincerely come from them. Realizing this can help you practice letting go. Frustration is often the result of trying to control something that is beyond your power. What are you trying to control outside of yourself?

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Expectations create immense amounts of frustration and impatience. What are your expectations, how realistic are they, and how are they causing you to suffer? Holding onto expectations and beliefs about how life should be are often compounded by a busy and frantic life. What can you do to release the craziness of your life? For instance, you might like to reduce your number of work or social commitments, stop using social media so much or even adopt a minimalist lifestyle.

Ironically, this is a great source of inner tension. Like any concept or idea in life, please hold this notion gently with compassion for yourself. Surrender takes time. Sometimes, letting go of letting go actually helps you to, well, let go! Give yourself space and permit mistakes. What types of thoughts are dominating your brain? In my article about how to overcome anxiety and depression I explore twelve of the most common distortions, e. Please check the article out.

Give yourself the permission and space to live life at your own pace. Do one kind thing for yourself each day.

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Sometimes simply going outside and feeling the wind and the sun against your skin is enough to pull you out of your head. Try going for a short walk.

How to let go

If you have a pet, take them along with you and notice how happy they are to be with you walking. Pets have such a wonderful way of grounding us and reminding us of the little pleasures of life. Depression is often the result of shutting away and numbing too many emotions for too long. Little by little, try to release the emotions buried within you.