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Description "When little Conrad Van der Bosch claims he has a tiger hiding on top of his wardrobe, the boy's child-psychologist father is desperate to prove that his son is lying. In an attempt to scare Conrad into admitting that there never was a tiger, his parents create the terrifying figure of Mister Holgado, a child-eating monster who is apparently hiding inside Conrad's wardrobe, waiting to consume the boy.

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But when Doctor Van der Bosch's plans to control his son's imagination fail, he realises he has no choice but to become the child-eating Holgado himself. Product details Format Paperback 96 pages Dimensions x x 5. Other books in this series. Add to basket.

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Cape Inua Ellams. The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling. Immune Oladipo Agboluaje. Alex and the Winter Star Ann Coburn. Review quote "gloriously ghoulish fun in [this] mouthwatering fantasy for the over-eights - a real romp And a very enjoyable one. He is currently under commission to the Hampstead Theatre, Plymouth Theatre Royal, and is writing five afternoon dramas and a four-part comedy series for BBC Radio 4, for whom he has written a number of plays previously.


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