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The recipes range from beginner to advanced.

The troubleshooting section is excellent with photos too , describing every problem you can imagine. I'd have to say my absolute favorite part of this book is the natural colorant section. There is every shade you can imagine, no color was left out. What makes it amazing, are the pictures showing you the results of each colorant, and how much to use for which shade for example blue cambrian clay can produce many shades from light blue to dark blue to grey, depending on how much clay is used.

I love knowing that these recipes are tried and true, and the pictures are so very, very appealing to the eye. Every recipe has its own ingredients list, recipe, step by step instructions, photographs, and many of them also have step by step pictures along with the written instructions, and every soap has it's own final photo showing the results, which I love. She also goes over making designs in the soap with step by step instruction and photos. I've so far made the lavender milk soap and propolis dandelion soap, both came out perfect! My next soaping adventure is the amazing shaving soap recipe provided.

I'm not going to be a spoiler, you'll have to read the book to find out!

I've been soaping for years and I really love having all these recipes laid out beautifully in a book. This book has so much more than I'd hope. I also love Jan Berry's other book, but I must say I love this one even more! If you're looking for the perfect all natural soap book, this is it! Even if you're experienced with soaping this book is sure to have many recipes for you! So many amazing recipes and combinations, so little time! I've added a few pics to show the awesome layout and the stunning photography of this book.

I honestly love each and every recipe, they're all so well thought out, and you can tell a lot of research went into this book, as there is information on each and every ingredient used and a section dedicated to describing ingredients and what their additions to soap provide, for example castor oil and coconut oil both enrich a soaps lather! Being a visual person, I love the photos for each and every soap. It also assures me that each and every soap is tried and true, and not just a bunch of soap recipes thrown in a book.

The Soapmaker's Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch - Book - Read Online

I also have the soap queens natural soap book, which is very, very advanced not to mention you have to buy special molds for many of soap queens recipes. I like them both, but this one's my favorite due to ease of use and its just more my style, I'm a very natural, crunchy granola kinda girl lol. I definitely recommend this book, you won't be disappointed! No palm oil is used in any recipe!

A Farmers Review of 'Simple & Natural Soapmaking' - Running Bug Farm

Which overjoys me, as my sensitive skin hates palm oil or palm products! All of the recipes are all natural and I simply cant go wrong with any of them! This book is a gem. I am a beginner in soapmaking and knew absolutely nothing before I got this book. It touches on all important topics and gives you the base knowledge to start your soapmaking adventure.

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The recipes are simple and easy to follow. This book has everything you need to start learning how to make your own soap. After making half a dozen soap batches, I was adventurous enough to make my own recipe since the book gives you a good base knowledge on how to make one yourself, substitutions and oil percentages. Absolutely love this book!

This is hands down the best soap making book that I have ever purchased! I think that pretty much every soap maker has seen the horrifying articles related to palm oil. They set me on a journey to find an eco friendly alternative. Unfortunately, I could not find a lot of viable options. That was until I purchased this book.

The Soapmaker's Companion: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes, Techniques & Know-How

This book contains 50 palm free recipes. It also suggested coconut milk as a potential substitute for goat milk in recipes. It has a full color guide to natural colorants. I would recommend this book to any soap maker interested in making vegan eco friendly soap. It is all you need to get started.

There is info on both infusing the oils with herbs and infusing milks with herbs for the milk soaps. RSS Feed. Republishing posts in their entirety is prohibited. Feel free to pin on Pinterest! While we liked that book you can read our review here , there were a few things we weren't thrilled with. We love it. We don't think it will matter which book you choose. Our first attempts at soap making were with milk from our Nigerian Dwarf goats.

We didn't learn from Jan. The thing we really love about Jan's book is that she doesn't use fragrance oils, or man made colorants.

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Every single recipe uses anything from essential oils, infused herbs, spices, clays, flowers, etc. Not only that but she doesn't promote other brands or try to get you to buy something. We cannot even tell you how many soap making books we've come across with beautiful enticing 'soap porn' photos only to find that the book has ridiculously complicated recipes requiring you shop at that authors website. Another thing we come across all of the time is books saying 'natural' soap making. Yet they will recommend things that most certainly are not natural.

Jan has written a book that is hands down perfect for folks like ourselves running an Eco-farm who don't want potentially toxic unnatural ingredients in their soap. If you are looking for this too, then this book without a doubt is for you.