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See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Mar 13, This series of slides describes how to develop a twitter application. First time, it shows basic knowledge for twitter applications. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Development of Twitter Application 1 - Overview.

How To Create A Twitter Bot With Python - Build a Startup #4

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Myungjin Lee 2. What is Twitter? Creating a Hello World Application Selecting Twitter Objective-C Libraries Loading xAuth Token Posting Tweet. His focus was on Collaboration in Virtual Environments delving into methods that facilitate designers and engineers to improve communication over remote networks. He started playing with the Twitter API very early in the API release, creating his own Twitter client called TwittFilter, which is geared more to the occasional user then someone who uses Twitter all the time.

As time went on, he added more and more features and functions for his own personal use, until one day he realized he had a fairly sophisticated application and opened it up to the general public to use. He learned quite a bit about the Twitter API the hard way—by simply coding things up and seeing what happens.

Although TwittFilter is still a personal project, he has already created a number of private Twitter applications, robots, and smaller projects like NewsSnacker. Her focus was on Consumer Sensory Science and Engineering. You can follow her at Twitter Bess or Slideshare at www. We Want to Hear from You! As the reader of this book, you are our most important critic and commentator. Please note that I cannot help you with technical problems related to the topic of this book, and that due to the high volume of mail I receive, I might not be able to reply to every message.

I will carefully review your comments and share them with the author and editors who worked on the book. You do not have to be an expert programmer to use this book, but you should know how to look things up. In writing this book, we have tried to provide you with everything you need to get a simple Twitter client up and running.

That does not mean that you could not use this book if you are a beginner programmer. Because we provide you with all the code and build an application up step by step, you can stop at any time and look up parts of the code you do not understand.


A Streaming Twitter Client

However, if you have never coded anything before, you may find that this book moves far too fast. It may be better to get an introductory book on basic programming in PHP before reading this book. In writing this book, we also kept in mind experienced programmers who have been asked to create a Twitter application or include Twitter support in a current application, even if they do not know much about Twitter. We also dedicated the last four hours of this book to getting you started with making API calls on the iPhone and Android OSes in case you want to make your own mobile Twitter application.

Unlike most books, this book was written as Twitter and the API set was going through major changes. As such, the book and the code used in the book have been edited many, many times. So much so that we expect there will be a technical oversight here and there.

Signing Up for Twitter

We hope you enjoy this book. What is Twitter?

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List of terms. A brief history of Twitter. How Twitter is different from other social media tools. Example of how Twitter has been used What Twitter Offers You Twitter is a vast electronic conversation that is changing personal communications through the use of new social and mobile technologies.

The idea is simple: The service enables users to post messages using characters or fewer, resulting in short bursts of communication that can be transmitted through text, mobile apps, or the Web.

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  4. Tweets can include links to video, photos, or other media hosted elsewhere on the Internet in addition to plain text. For people who are not familiar with Twitter, it is a platform that allows one-tomany communication. The technology allows for almost instantaneous communication between an individual and a self-selected group. A useful way to think about Twitter is to imagine that you are IMing or texting everyone you know, at the same time, in public. The following is a list of common Twitter terms:.

    Twitter—The service that allows you to communicate with anyone else who also signs up. Tweets—Messages of characters or fewer that are sent through the Twitter service. Follower—Someone who opts in to receive your tweets. Following—The people whose tweets you opt in to receive.

    Direct messages DMs —A message of fewer than characters sent privately to one of your followers.