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The Snohomish pilot initiative aimed to identify where if at all outreach initiatives can have an effect in this continuum.

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WM has 90, customers in Snohomish County, and to start, WM needed to pinpoint which of these customers speak Spanish. WM worked with a third-party software provider that uses names and ZIP codes to determine what language an individual is likely to speak.

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WM was able to focus solely on these individuals during the pilot program, which was broken into three phases: a pre-outreach survey, an outreach segment and a post-outreach survey. The first survey was conducted through direct mail, and its objective was to paint a portrait of current recycling behaviors, placing each respondent on the behavior change continuum.

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After gathering baseline knowledge about participants, each respondent was assigned to one of four outreach pilot test groups: advertising TV, desktop and mobile , direct mail tools, text messaging or door-to-door. The approaches and campaigns in each catefory were designed specifically for the Spanish-speaking community. In the recent pilot campaign, WM created digital ads based on the concept, and the team utilized two different calls to action.

One prompted viewers to click on a button to learn more, and the other prompted viewers to click on a button to request a free recycling tote bag. This advertising push focused on bottles and paper, testing visuals of the two material types. Meanwhile, participants who were sorted into the direct mail group received a package with recycling tools in the mail.

The package contained a WM-branded recycling tote bag and a recycling guideline pamphlet with instructions in both Spanish and English. The WM tote bag included visual representations of which materials to recycle, along with captions in English, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese. For the texting campaign, the team crafted four text messages that were sent once per week during the month-long pilot study participants were initially contacted via mail, and individuals could opt in to the text message group by providing their phone numbers.

Finally, the residents selected for door-to-door outreach were visited at home by a Spanish-speaking representative who answered recycling questions and distributed WM-branded recycling tote bags as well as recycling guidelines in Spanish and English. After a month of engaging the community with these educational tactics, WM sent a second survey to measure whether customers had shifted their recycling behaviors.

The follow-up survey results, based on respondents, revealed that 32 percent of participants had shifted their recycling behaviors positively. For example, a large swath of respondents reported changing their behavior when it comes to placing recyclables in the garbage bin. In the pre-campaign survey, around 33 percent of participants reported throwing cardboard, glass bottles, metal and plastic bottles in the garbage. For decades, US law enforcement has used "forensic hypnosis" to help solve crimes — yet despite growing evidence that it is junk science, this method is still being used to send people to death row.

Most high school math classes are still preparing students for the Sputnik era. Fully funded on Kickstarter, this game is like Catan meets Survivor plus exploding teddy bears. The mystery of the gender of the baby will have to wait. Young users of the app have been making videos pretending to be serial killers that aren't quite parodic enough to read as funny. The wealthiest Americans now pay a lower rate than the middle class.

Medical personnel in Kashmir say preventable deaths are happening because of blocked streets, medicine shortages, and a phone and internet blockade by India. Theoretical physicists who say the multiverse exists set a dangerous precedent: science based on zero empirical evidence. The recipe includes ground beef, scrambled eggs and some crispy thin potatoes. After "South Park" mocked Hollywood for shaping its content to please the Chinese government, that same government has responded by deleting all clips, episodes and discussions of the show.

The HBO show gets compared to Shakespeare because of the power dynamics, but the bodily fluids are just as important. A leap off a tall building will make any friendly neighborhood Spider-Man's spidey senses tingle. But the beautiful vista granted to a gamer's superpowered BASE jump in 's "Spider-Man" looks pretty different from what you get in 's "Spider-Man 2.

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On June 5, , 15 ships entered the Suez canal for what was supposed to be a hour journey. That journey, however, turned into eight years. A roundup of the most interesting, thought-provoking and surprising questions that our favorite columnists addressed in recent days. Blenders can do so much more than mix up drinks. This well-liked blender from the folks at Instant Pot actually has a built-in heating element to aid in the creation of homemade soups.

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    Noxious language online is causing real-world violence. What can we do about it?

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    The formation of learned words to phrases that become embedded to memory and cannot be totally unlearned. It can be modified through exposure to different cultures or education, but the root will always be. A shibboleth is a word that once learned becomes natural to the tongue. After Jephtheh and the men of Gilead defeated the Ephraimites, he placed guards at several passes of the River Jordan and commanded them if any attempt to pass, demand of them "Say now unto us Shibboleth.

    But they being of a different tribe, could not frame to pronounce it and said Sibboleth" which trifling distinction proved them enemies and cost them their lives, and there fell at that time forty and two thousand. Al Tate, Shelby, US It is to do with the formation of the palate which is usually formed by age Once formed it is very difficult for an adult to acheieve a totally fluent level in a new language without tell tale accent where as a child who learns another language in infancy or before the palate has formed can- given time and immersion attain total fluency.

    This is because language is complex that involves pronunciation, emphasis for a particular syllable, word or note, stress, inflection, nuances. It expresses and communicates emotions and ideas between human beings by means of speech and hearing.

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    The sounds heard and spoken are systematized and confirmed by usage among a given people over a long period of time. A baby grows up copying his mother tongue the way she hears from her parents and environment. Hence, she acclimatizes with her vernacular and develops a set of sound systems unlike what a foreign speaker needs while speaking in his mother tongue.