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Implicit is a value statement of speed and a confidence-inspiring guarantee. Or think of FedEx — when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. The statements are not simply unique selling propositions.

The Irresistible Offer and the USP

They contain value statements, and they make an offer. Pizza, fast.

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Delivery, overnight. And, more importantly, they are easily digestible almost intuitively. They are actions that make statements. Or, maybe truer yet, they are statements that produce actions.

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Now, I think this is really interesting. Who you are. What you stand for. Then you put your sales hat on, and you think about the entire process.

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What you say, what you show, how you show it. In a sense, the irresistible offer merges sales and brand into one compact statement.

Secret Uncovered

Free photography would be an offer and not a brand. Urban photography for free would be both. If you think about it, in some ways, this treads on similar ground to what Seth Godin more recently addressed in Free Prize Inside , his follow-up to The Purple Cow. We all know our brands.

30 Irresistible Photography Gadgets For Your iPhone

Characterized by its rudimentary spring-loaded shutter, manual film advance and most notably, a plastic lens, the camera performed about as well as its cheap, light-leaking plastic body suggested. Not really a toy and certainly not a serious camera in any sense of the word, the Toy Camera was destined to become a temporary glitch in the already cluttered toy and novelty landscape. Professionals, amateurs and art lovers everywhere are fascinated by the equalizing nature of this little plastic box.


No complicated accessories, no thousand dollar lenses, and no megapixels , help to strip bare the art and science of serious photography. It comes down to the basics: your skill with the plastic box and your God-given EYE. Yet, with that said, what many find so endearing about Toy photography is the way it lends itself so readily to the Happy Accident.

30 Irresistible Photography Gadgets for Your iPhone

Many seasoned photographers wax poetic over the liberation from technology, the sheer sense of the unknown that this primitive tool allows them. Aside from strict photo journalism, few other branches of photography are as distinctly purist in approach to their art. Though Toy Camera effects can easily be mimicked with apps like Instagram, Pixlromatic and Hipstamatic; and professional-grade programs like Photoshop and Painter, loyal adherents eschew these tricks in favor of recording, warts and all, that true moment in time. The textured, sometimes haunting imagery that can be achieved with the Toy Camera so completely captures the ephemeral nature of life, that some professionals feel this pictorial offshoot captures the essence of what serious photography is and should be about.

With the addition of manufacturers and distributers like Holga, LOMO and Lomographische AG to feed the obsession, Toy Camera photography has evolved into a viable, worldwide, creative form. So what does Toy Photography have to do with Colorado? What people may not know is that he has been a Toy Camera photographer and advocate since he was a boy. It was through his love for this process that he recently offered his Toy Camera Workshop to dozens of local enthusiasts. Of course, we do way more than simply process film. We live and breathe great images and great photography. Your creative vision is our priority.