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Some decks exist primarily as artwork; and such art decks sometimes contain only the 22 major arcana. The three most common decks used in esoteric tarot are the Tarot of Marseilles , the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck , and the Thoth tarot deck. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Tarot disambiguation. Main article: Tarot card games. Tarot Nouveau trumps circa Main article: Tarot card reading. E; Mann, Sylvia Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. Retrieved 4 February Taroch - at Le Tarot Cultural Association.

The Playing-Card. Studies on Giusto Giusti at trionfi. A Wicked Pack Of Cards. Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press. The Oxford Guide to Card Games 1 ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 2 July Frank Tarot and Tarock card games. Category WikiProject Card Games.

Occult tarot. Hall Paul Foster Case. Four of Cups Meh…so boring.

Major Arcana

Five of Cups Grieve for what is lost. Six of Cups A blast from the past. Seven of Cups A kid in a candy store. Eight of Cups The seeker. Nine of Cups Wishes fulfilled! Ten of Cups All in the family. Page of Cups The beloved child. Knight of Cups The romantic hero. Queen of Cups The intuitive. King of Cups The King of Love. Swords Swords symbolize conflicts, thoughts, and mental processes. The element is Air. Ace of Swords Truth is your weapon. Two of Swords Wait it out. Three of Swords Unbreak your heart.

How Tarot Cards Work

Four of Swords Put it to rest. Five of Swords The victory through deceit. Six of Swords Smooth sailing ahead. Seven of Swords Getting away with it. Nine of Swords Sleepless nights. Page of Swords Ready for action. Knight of Swords The sharpshooter. Queen of Swords Killer Queen.

King of Swords Mr. Pentacles Pentacles symbolize money, material goods, security, and our values. The element is Earth. Two of Pentacles The Juggler. Four of Pentacles The Miser. Try to reconnect with your inner self control and tackle these bad habits one at a time. Small regular changes will accumulate into a big positive change.

The Strength Tarot reversed is similar to the upright meaning, in that it indicates that you need to be brave and have self-belief to get ahead in your career. In the reversed position in a career Tarot reading, this Major Arcana card is a stronger indicator that you have been letting fear and anxiety hold you back.

Tarot Card by Card - Tarot Card Meanings - The Tarot Lady

Fear of failure can be paralysing if you allow it to be. You have more inner strength, skill and ability than you realise.

Beginner Tarot card reading lessons made easy: learning the basics part 1

You just have to believe in yourself. Once you start to gain confidence you will find more direction and focus.

source Others will notice this change. Financially, Strength reversed is a stronger indicator not to be impulsive with your finances now. The Strength Tarot reversed in a love Tarot reading if you are single can indicate that lack of impulse control or unresolved self-esteem issues may be leading you to choose the wrong partners. This can become a vicious circle as bad relationships negatively affect your self-esteem.

You need to resolve these issues and summon your inner strength and confidence and believe that you deserve better. If you are in a relationship, Strength reversed can indicate that while your relationship is strong, low self-esteem may be leaving you feeling unworthy of the love you are receiving.

This in turn may lead you to act impulsively and behave in manner that is not a true reflection of the feelings you have for your partner. When the Strength Tarot card appears reversed in your Tarot reading, it indicates that you are not tapping into the inner strength you have. It is does not indicate a lack of strength so much as it indicates that you are letting fear, anxiety or low self-esteem paralyse you.

Now more than ever you need to summon your inner resolve and self-belief to pull you out of your current situation. You have the strength you need to get over your obstacles. You have simply lost touch with it and that disconnection is leaving you feeling weak, vulnerable and lacking confidence.