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Saturnaaaaaa View Profile View Posts. If I can shoot the enemy, I should be able to shoot the enemy. There are no logical reasons for the game to stop me. If I can hold a position, it is my territory. There are no logical reasons for that not to be the case. These structured wars in their different games are unnecessary. I feel more strongly about other mechanics, like influence and opinion.

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Originally posted by Flytrap :. Originally posted by Evildpickle :. Originally posted by Elitewrecker PT :. Originally posted by Saturnaaaaaa :. Well then check a sixth time look for spikes around the flags of every system , because if you're really occupying EVERY planet and that's rarely needed of ALL the enemies AKA federation members then they'd already have surrendered. Again, not that this is necessary, because all that matters is that you occupy your claims and then can just status quo.

Regardles, just show us the war screen. You're free to show screenshots of the their empire area as well, extra pair of eyes and all. Ok, now show a more zoomed in view of their empire just enough to see who controls what.

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But you can see you can select status quo, so if you've occupied everything you want you can just select that. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 23 Mar pm.

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Kelly, on the other hand, had the telltale signs of distress written all over her face. Beside her stood Enrique, who may have been as calm as Estelle and Dodds himself, had he not clearly been concerned for Kelly's well-being. Chaz caught Dodds' eye and Dodds once again saw that unsettling look - one of deep concern. Dodds turned back to the front, as Hail bounded back over.

In the face of what was happening to his ship, Hail was speaking very calmly. Though Dodds couldn't help but feel he was hiding his true feelings well. Hail held up a hand and shook his head, to prevent Estelle from saying any more. My mission priorities also forbid it. Should anything untoward happen during the course of the operation, I was to ensure the safety of those things above all else.

These orders come directly from Fleet Admiral Jenkins herself. Given the current circumstances, I will first ensure that you five are able to safely reach the escape pods, before issuing the general call to abandon ship. They are currently working to ensure you have a clear route there. Dodds agreed with her concern. They were going to jettison escape pods in the middle of this? They would be sitting ducks! They would have little in the way of manoeuvrability and the pods obviously lacked any sort of defensive or offensive capability.

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As far as he knew, they didn't even have energy shields. He once more looked past Hail, to the growing form of Mythos and suddenly realised the captain's intent. You're going to make the journey down to Mythos and wait for the CSN to come get you. Your destination is a beach on the east coast of Sherland, not far from the city of New Malaga.

It should prevent the Imperial fighters from giving chase. Yes, what about the ATAFs? Dodds thought. At the time, Dodds had assumed the reason the five had been summoned to the bridge was to initiate a counter offensive with the fighter craft, just as they had done months earlier when faced with a similar situation. A distress signal has already been broadcast and should reach naval headquarters within the hour.

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They will affect both your own rescue and the salvage operation for the ATAFs. Now, we must hurry!


There is no time for any more questions! You and your team will escort the White Knights to the escape pods, for immediate departure. You are to avoid all contact with hostile forces wherever possible and head directly to the surface. From bridge, to lift, to command deck, to a second lift, the way was as clear as Cole had promised his security team would make it. The escaping party was now made up of eleven - the five Knights ; five security personnel, one assigned as bodyguard to each pilot; and Cole himself.

The men and women crammed themselves into the lift car, Cole allowing everyone else in before entering himself. Dodds looked over his fellow team mates. The expressions of concern still remained on each of their faces. He recalled the last time he had seen such collective distress - when they had been fleeing Arlos starport. The driving force back then had been the presence of six heavily armed soldiers, not unlike the ones that now littered the interior of the ship. The image of those uniforms and helmets was forever burned into his mind. Dressed entirely in black, there was little else in the way of colour, save for two somewhat extrinsic white insignias on their left breast and right upper arm, as well as a pair of piercing, ruby-red eyes.

He was sure he had heard the soldiers given a name at one time, too. What had they been called? A strange moniker; it escaped him. He wondered how Estelle was feeling, and looked past the tight huddle to where she was almost jammed into the corner. In times such as these, he knew her to start becoming quite pensive and begin drawing breath far quicker than normal. It was something he knew was attributed to her character, rather than any kind of medical condition.

Oddly, however, she appeared far calmer than he was expecting; calmer now than she had looked back up on the bridge. She looked more relaxed and focused, her eyes no longer betraying any sense of distress that she might have been feeling. He wondered what had changed. Had she gone to her happy place? Was she simply performing some sort of breathing exercise, to help keep herself steady?

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Dodds had never known her to be one to believe in either of those kinds of things. He noticed her cup her hand over something in her jacket, feeling its shape. It looked as though she was checking that something was still there. Her eyes met his, but she made no other gesture. The communicator that Cole clutched tight in his hand suddenly squawked. We need to make a slight alteration to the original route! Cole pulled back from the lift control he was about to activate and raised the communicator. They're going nuts with the cutters down here!